My meeting with Almina a few years ago was a turning point in my mediumship!

She gave me the perfect guidance!

Professional, benevolent, with very concrete messages from the spiritual world.

Always a real pleasure to follow his classes.


I really recommend this experience to anyone who needs comfort during a time of grief or just those who are curious to know more. It really made me realize that life does not end but continues in a different place and that our loved ones are closer than you think. In addition, Almina is a person with a beautiful sensitivity, empathetic and positive, who knows how to put you at ease.

Then for the courses of the circles it is a moment of sharing and enriching and interesting discoveries in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.


Since I consulted Almina Medium it was an enriching experience because previously I had already consulted a few mediums in Switzerland but without success. I needed answers to my questions and then with Almina little by little was able to find solutions. Also my life is going much better and I highly recommend it because Almina is an extraordinary person, lovely and always with a happy atmosphere.


Sometimes we have to face reality, Almina, my spiritual mother for many years, was able to give me certain answers which allowed me to move forward in the right direction with a lot of serenity.


Almina is one of those rare people, who will naturally create a safe and trusting environment, when you come to seek advise, guidance or answers. She is thoughtful and fun, but also a very gifted medium. Things she told me were very accurate and on point, and some would echo in my mind months after a consultation, and suddely the puzzle would just come together. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to recieve guidance from her.


If in your life it happens that you no longer know which way to take or if you have the unpleasant feeling of being at a dead end, I strongly suggest that you make an appointment with Almina!

Almina is a young woman, a "seasoned" medium who has been practicing mediumship for many years. Always positive, emphatic and full of compassion. She is a beautiful person or if you prefer a beautiful soul, one does not prevent the other by the way ...

She scans you with her deep gaze, she will not "coat" you with lies just to please you. I can only advise you.


Highly recommend

If you're thinking about making an appointment with Almina, you should absolutely do it ! You won't regret it - quite the opposite - she's the real deal ! It was my first time going to anyone for a reading and I was impressed by Almina's positive energy right from the start. I think I was also looking to see if this type of work was real (I had hoped it was ad was not disappointed). I barely shared anything and she instantly tuned into the energy and revealed to me information and insight that proved to be priceless. To be honest, I was completely blown away by the accuracy. Since then I've seen her three times and I've recommended her to anyone who even hints that they'd like to explore for themselves. With every visit, I always walk away feeling lighter and equipped with a fresh balanced perspective. Thanks again, Almina !


I've seem Almina many times now and her readings have been very accurate and informative.

Her guidance as been well received and assisted me in understanding current situations as well as prepare for up and coming events.

Almina has an excellent approach in how she conducts her readings and have many friends that have been very impressed with Almina readings as well.


I got to know Almina a few years ago. I was a little tense for this first date. Almina has the ability to immediately put you at ease, through her kindness, gentleness, charisma and playfulness. When she started the session I was immediately impressed by the veracity of her words. She described me and all the people around me with great accuracy. All of his predictions turned out to be correct. For many years, I have been able to attend his mediumistic contacts which each time are a source of wonder. I am blown away by his ability to provide the hard-hitting details so that no doubt can exist. Finally, it even gives you the first names of the people concerned. For years, I have had the chance to follow his circles. It brings me a lot of well-being, joy and it allows me to get to know myself better to move forward more serenely in my life. She is very diligent in her work which means she has enormous knowledge in many areas. These courses are always very rewarding. He is a genuine, generous person. All the people to whom I could give his coordinates were amazed by his capacities. I can only strongly advise you to meet her.


I thought for a long time that after death there was nothing left and that reassured me. The messages Almina sent me from my deceased relatives, so clear and unexpected, moved me. Yes the spiritual world exists and is benevolent. Thank you Almina for conveying the messages with such precision, gentleness and tact. This allowed me to understand certain events and to realize that our dear departed sometimes want to support us with their messages. Very nice experience!