Online course

The online training consists of the following six modules:

  1. Meditation - Strengthening the energy field

Meditation is the most important part of all training. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This type of meditation has been practiced for years by the best mediums and has been passed down from generation to generation.

In this module we will study:

  • Structure and explanation of meditation

  • The strengthening and recognition of its own energy sector

  • Maintain strength

  • Specific exercise to improve concentration

2. Spirit Guide - Spirit of Connection

In this module we will study:

  • What is a spiritual guide, a spiritual aid?

  • How do you recognize the difference between your energy and that of the Spirit Guide?

  • Connection with the Spirit Guide

  • Practical exercises

  • Recommended books, especially on Spirit Guides

6. Healing

In this module we will study:

  • What is spiritual healing - what should I pay attention to?

  • How Distant Healing Works

  • Self-healing / special meditation to balance your energy

  • Review of the best healers

  • Intensive courses

These courses are specially designed for students who already have experience of communicating with the spiritual world and who wish to improve their skills to obtain more specific information.

The teacher accompanies them during the exercises and observes their energy field as well as the connection with the spiritual guide and the deceased. Then, he gives other tips to make the connection more intense in order to receive more precise messages.

  • Discussion - Evening

Once a month, on Thursday evening, Almina will speak for an hour about her own experiences as a medium / psychic / coach as well as her daily life and will remain open to any questions or comments.

This course is free.