I start each consultation with a psychometry.

What is psychometry used for?

As a rule, everyone has choices to make, problems to solve, a decision to make, whether in the professional, family, couple, financial or other fields.

How does it work ?

By taking any object belonging to you in my hand (car key, ring, etc…) and reading the information that is stored in that object. The important thing in this work is not only to find the highlights of your life but above all to understand and bring out the development potential that is in you.

Price: 1h / 120 CHF


Contact with the afterlife

"We should leave the dead alone!" This adage and others like it have often made me think. This is due to our upbringing and our culture. But the dead are much more alive than we think. The place we commonly call the hereafter is actually not that far from us. It is only a place that is not visible to us through the use of our usual senses. Through years of practice, I have learned to work with the energies I receive from this invisible world.


This allows me today to understand and interpret the characters and personalities of the deceased people with whom I come into contact. What I receive, I will pass it on to you word for word. You will then decide whether from the details I give you are able to recognize the person described and whether the messages I communicate to you are meaningful to you. I draw your attention to the fact that it is not I who can decide what information will be transmitted to you. The spiritual world alone decides what should be communicated to you.

Price: 1h / 120 CHF